Here at Paradise Hills we avoid fungicides and herbicides when we can and implement vine training methods, like cluster thinning, to keep our vines healthy.

The history of our winery is rich with sacrifice, passion, family and love. We hope you come by to enjoy our tastings with stories about how George Washington crossed our very property in 1775. This is only the beginning. We hope you will continue to support and grow with us.


Casa Bianco
Glass: $7.00 Bottle: $14.55
Our “House White” is a white table wine, made in an Italian style, designed to complement your dining experience. A dry, crisp wine, you can enjoy with cheese, appetizers, or complete meals.

Temptation – Award Winning 88 Points!

Glass: $7.00 Bottle: $15.50

A delightfully, enjoyable, pleasant wine made from locally grown apples.  A delicately structures wine, Temptation is a must to pack in your picnic basket.

Traminette – Award Winning 86 Points!

Wine Release: March 27th

Glass: $ Bottle: $

Sauvignon Blanc – SOLD OUT
Glass: $7.50 Bottle: $15.99
Our limited edition Sauvignon Blanc is a rich wine exhibiting a zesty bouquet with abundant apricot, pineapple, and fresh lime flavors.

Washington Trail White
Glass: $8.50 Bottle: $19.98

Washington Trail White is a fruit forward medium bodied wine with apple and citrus flavors to the taste, followed by nice soft fruit nuances on the palate, coupled with a lingering finish.

Vino Bianco Del Paradiso – Award Winning 87 Points!
Glass: $8.50 Bottle: $21.99
Vino Bianco del Paradiso is a complex blend of grapes grown in our Paradise Hills vineyards. This semi-sweet wine is full of fruit flavors with hints of citrus throughout.

Chardonnay – SOLD OUT
Glass: $9.50 Bottle: $27.50
Grapes for this wine are hand selected and sorted from our own Paradise Hills Vineyard. A delicate wine with a clean nose just a hint of oak. This is a wine not to miss. Serve slightly chilled.

Cayuga White – Award Winning 85 Points!
Glass: $8.50 Bottle: $21.99
This splendid wine is bright and lively with aromas of melon and honeysuckle with a touch of soft melon fruit on the palate. A long sweet finish, this can easily be the best of the bunch.


Casa Rosso
Glass: $7.50 Bottle: $17.50

Our Casa  Rosso is our red table wine designed to complement your dining experience. A light, dry wine, crafted to enjoy with cheese, appetizers, or complete meals.

Landon Noir – Award Winning 85 Points!

Wine Release: Feb 2nd!

Glass: Bottle:

St. Croix – Award Winning 88 Points! 

Wine Release: March 6th

Glass: Bottle:

Washington Trail Red – Re-Release Feb 2nd
 Glass: $8.50 Bottle: $19.98
Washington Trail Red is a medium bodied dry red wine with light berry aromas coupled with a touch of dark cherry. The finish is lively, and zesty.

Washington Trail Rose 
Glass: $8.50 Bottle: $19.98
Washington Trail Rose is a fruity, refreshing bottle of wine. A festive wine, with beautiful color, hints of strawberry and a delightful finish.

Glass: $8.50  Bottle: $23.50
TRIO is our special blend of red wines.  Trio is a rich elegant wine with intense color and flavor.  Exotic spicy flavors of berry and plum provide a wonderful tasting experience.  Trio is fashioned to pair well with grilled meats, lamb and spiced foods.

Riomonte – SOLD OUT
Glass: $8.50 Bottle: $23.50

Meticulously crafted, Riomonte is a rich, ruby colored blend exhibiting exquisite flavors of plum and spicy pepper. Noteworthy layers of complexity keep your attention from your first taste through its beautifully enduring finish of oak and vanilla.

President’s Choice – Wine Re-Release Feb 20th @ 2pm 
Glass: $9.50 Bottle: $27.50
President’s Choice is our premier red wine. A full bodied wine with a nice rich nose of blackberry aromas. Blackberry flavors continue on the palate joined by essence of currant and cedar. The finish is weighty and bold, well balanced with long fruit soft tannins that linger for your pleasure.

Zinfandel – SOLD OUT
Glass:$9.00  Bottle:$29.99
Our limited edition Old Vine Zinfandel is beautiful full bodied wine. This aromatic wine exhibits soft tannins, while showcasing an abundance of black cherry, pepper, with a hint of plum flavor.

Glass:$9.50  Bottle:$29.99
Our Limited Edition Merlot is an aromatic velvety wine with abundant flavors of black cherry, blueberry, and plum.  An elegant oak finish displays hits of roasted coffee and dark chocolate.

Nostra Tradizione – 2014 vintage
Glass: $9.50  Bottle: $27.50
Available in a 1 Liter Souvenir Bottle! $32.50
Paradise Hills proudly presents our Nostra Tradizione, a dry medium bodied red wine, with firm tannins, and strong concentrated flavors.  This wine with its hints of cherry flavor, and nutty notes on the finnish makes for a perfect accompaniment to your dining needs.  Nostra Tradizione is made and produced using traditional old world methods and techniques to closely resemble wines produced by our ancestors.

Sapore Dolce: SOLD OUT 2014 vintage
Glass: $8.50  Bottle: $21.99
Our Sapore Dolce is a delightfully sweet red wine.  Whether on a summertime picnic or relaxing in front of the fireplace on a frosty winter’s day Sapore Dolce is a fine choice.  This wine can be enjoyed with or without chilling.

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